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On The Road...Maun

After 5 days spent at a campsite just 60k's into Namibia I had my bike all tarted up. I had new bulbs so I can show people I'm braking or indicating, a clean air filter, a new oil filter and oil, new chain and sprokets (my rear was missing a tooth it was so worn), a repaired Airhawk cushion, and a re-attached horn that is now more fierce than ever before!
So we finally moved on and headed slightly South to the game reserves at Etosha. Before we had even reached the reserve, we had seen zebra, wilderbeest and springboks on our bikes. That evening we also had an additional guest join us in the resturant, a large puff adder snake.
The following morning Dan and I went out on a game drive in the morning (more of the same plus giraffes), and then the three of us spent the rest of the damp day building the biggest campfire ever seen.
We then took a left turn and rode Eastwards, I was planning on seeing the Victoria Falls and Dan and Ed were scheduled to drop down through Botswana. Unfortunately for the boys, Ed's rec-reg (the one that had been replaced in Niger) gave up, eventually resulting in them turning back and taking the most direct route for Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.
I continued East (after buying my third video camera to replace the last broken one - unfortunately this one doesn't take photos so not much to show on the website, you'll have to wait for the DVD!). Arriving in Rundu, I met Dirk Senior (we'd met Dirk Junior earlier in Namibia and he suiggested his Dad may be able to put us up in his hangar for a night or two). Dirk flies Mircolights, so I was allowed to stay in the lovely hangar, treated to a braai (BBQ) and was also taken on a microlight flight early on the morning I left. 
After Rundu, I rode for a couple of days along the Caprivi Strip (I saw bushbucks, a tortoise, and ostrich and her baby but no elephants). I then skipped into Zambia, and made a bee-line for Livingstone (and passed a cameleon on the way). The Victoria Falls were awesome, an amazing sight and well worth a visit if anyone is considering a holiday! I also squeezed in a bungee jump (111 metres), a gorge slide and a gorge swing. The gorge swing was the scariest, you literally have to run off the brigde and then fall down for a long time before felling any sort of 'swing'!
I then doubled back along the Caprivi Strip, and although I didn't see any animals this time, it was still the first day since we entered Namibia over two weeks ago that I didn't get rained on. I've just spent two days at a cool campsite called Ngepi on the banks of the Kanango River... the second night was due to too many shots on the first night. I also had a swim in their 'pool', a cage built in the river so that you can swim safely away from the crocs and hippos.
So today I got up at a reasonable time and rode 440k's along the Okavango Delta to Maun in Botswana. I'm tempted to ride East to a place called Planet Baobab, although the new crack in my front rim keep suggesting it's time to get back into Namibia and get it repaired or replaced in Windhoek. East or West though, I hope wherever I end up is showning the start of the 6 Nations tomorrow.


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