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On The Road...Marrakech

Not much to update as I'm still staying at the campsite in Marrakech. It is owned by a French couple, and 90 percent of the campers are French too, so watching the Rugby Semi Final with them was quite satisfying, even if I didn't understand the commentry or their jibes!
The weather isn't great again today but I'm still hoping it will warm up enough for a swim when i get back from town. The last few days we have had some thunderstorms and one night there were two sandstorms, so everything got covered in a thick layer of fine sand.
A German couple, Christine and Herbert, kindly adopted me at the campsite and kept feeding me BBQ's, but they left to drive back to Europe today so I will have to fend for myself again (okay, I'll have to eat at the campsite resturant anyway).

Ryan is still in Enlgand so on Wednesday I am going south by myself. Northern Morocco is still quite touristy, but when I get to Western Sahara there won't be any more luxury campsites and in a week or so I expect to hit the edge of the Sahara and the 'piests' (dirt tracks) as the roads start running out between Morocco and Mauritania. I think there will also be more overlanders then, as opposed to the French campervans of the north, so I should be able to do more difficult sections with them if I need. 

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