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On The Road...Marrakech

I,ve been in Africa for almost two weeks now - I got the ferry across on the 28th September I think. It was only a 40 minute crossing from Algeciras in Southern Spain to Sebta in Northern Morocco, and the border control wasn,t too bad.
I stumbled upon a campsite and spend a day there washing my grubby clothes before riding only another 75 kilometers or so to Chefchauen; there is a peaceful campsite up in the hills of the Rif Mountains, and a colourful little Medina (market - see photo) and Kasbah (castle). The locals have all been friendly in Morocco and after establishing which European language they need to speak to you in, they will introduce themselves, have a little chat, then see if you want to by some locally grown hashish.
Two mates were holidaying to Marrakech for 6 days from the 2nd, so after Chefchauen I rode past the capital, Rabat, and on to Casablanca. Unfortuntely the campsite there was closed so I ended up ruining my budget and getting a pricey hotel room.
The next day I arrived in Marrakech (having very nearly run out of petrol because the petrol stations indicated by the signs on the new road haven,t been built yet). So the last week has been spent with my mates, Funky and Peewee, either lying by a pool, in Marrakech, or seeing some sights on our road trip (we hired a car for a few days, which is when some of the photos below were taken). Unfortunately I don,t have a picture from when a guy in the town square chucked his `pet`monkey on my shoulders and shouted `take photo, take photo`, scaring me to death and leaving - as my mates will testify - some terrible scratches on my neck from the dirty monkey.
Yesterday (Tuesday) the others flew back to England so I,m back at the campsite in Marrakech. I have a few things to sort out (washing, e-mails etc) and then I will be by the poolside for a bit longer as Ryan,s bike is apparently still being worked on in England - hopefully he will be out here with me this time next week.

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