Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



On The Road...Calahonda

I´m in a place called Calahonda now, just west of Malaga in Southern Spain. I´m about 100k from Algeciras, which is where I will get the ferry across to Morocco. So depending on my hangover in the morning, I will be in Africa either tomorrow or the day after at the latest. The plan is to spend a few days in the Atlas mountains (apparently snow capped at the top so can´t post my jumper home yet) and then ride down to Fes, the capital Rabat and probably Casablanca too before meeting up with Ryan in Marrakech. Also another couple of mates will be out in Marrakech at about the same time so hope to see them there. I have been taking some photos but haven´t got the equipment to load it onto a computer with me. Watch this space and there should be some stuff (videos, photos or both) in a few weeks time.

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