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On The Road...Valencia

Hello, after a week of riding I´m now in Spain, camping (well in a challet) at El Saler in Valencia. Today is my first day off, so I´ve been washing clothes, drying my tent and keeping my bike healthy (all is going well so just petrol and oiling the chain). The ride through England was very windy so I had to come off the M1 and ride down the slower A1 instead. A long day´s ride in the end, but at least I avoided rain all of the way. I then caught the ferry over to Le Havre in France. I rode South for a few hours and stayed in a hotel in a little town there. The next day was my first fulll day in France so I rode further South, and camped. It was freezing early in the morning but each day has been getting warmer as I head South. I crossed into Spain with no problems - I´ve never been here before and only speak two words of Spanish (hello and thanks). I have done 4 nights in the tent, but yesterday the weather turned bad and there were no campsites around so I headed off the planned route to Valencia (getting soaked on the way) and got a ´challet´ (shed) at a campsite. So at the moment everything is hanging up all over the bunk beds and I came into town in search of food, petrol and internet. Just need the food now!

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