Moto-cross Africa  
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Shortly before I leave I will put a new pair of tyres on the bike. I have tested Pirelli MT21's but they wore out after 2,500 miles, so instead I will take Michelin Deserts with me. They are made of a harder rubber compound so should last much longer. I will carry a spare set of tyres through Europe and probably change them in Morocco as soon as the roads start to turn bad. That way I will only be carrying the spares whilst I am on good roads and I will also have a fresh pair on when I hit the dirt. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze the length of Africa out of one set, and then find some new tyres at the half way point in South Africa. For back up I am leaving some here which can be posted out as a last resort.

Michelin Deserts

I had previously considered carrying one rear tyre, so that half way down to South Africa, I could swap the rear and turn the front around (this tyre gets less wear as it is not the driving wheel, but tends to wear at an 'angle' where the tyre makes contact with the road, therefore turning it around can increase it's life - just check the front is a direction-less tyre first). I abandoned this plan mainly becuase of the extra weight and inconvenience of having to carry a spare.

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