Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



Sleeping Bag:

The sleeping bag I am taking is a Rab Q250E. This is a high quality goose down sleeping bag, which makes it very light and compact yet still very warm. Although you might expect it to be too hot for Africa, it can often be very cold and night and at altitude some of the mountains are snow capped. I will also have a lighweight (200g) sleeping bag liner. This gives me flexibility as if it is warm, I can use just the liner, but when colder I can use the bag too.

Sleeping Bag

This bag was another £200, but again it's my bed for the next year so hopefully it will prove worth it. This is the third bag I have bought for the trip, the first two being cheaper ones but ultimately I decided that both were too cold and unsuitable.

Click HERE for a link to the Rab website.

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