Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



On The Road...Album 3

The 3 tents in Mauritania


Dan and his Honda Africa Twin on the piste to Senegal


Ed on the piste


Roadside hut on the way from Mauritania to Senegal


Arrival at the Zebrabar (cold beer welcome after a 4 hour stop at a police checkpoint)

View from the Zebrabar viewing platform


Spiders in Senegal (with it's web between two trees)


Spider Belly


Chris with tiny donkey at Zebrabar (taken from Dan and Ed's website)


In Senegal with two puppies (taken from Dan and Ed's website)


Sunset at Zebrabar


Dan's Africa Twin burying itself in sand


My CCM with it's second front punture of the day (caused by a flaking rim lock)


Glass in Dan's bike - luckily no puncture


My melted number plate, which has now been moved to the left out of the way of the exhaust and coloured in with permanent pen


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