Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



On The Road...Album 2

Chris with German couple, Christine and Herbert, in Marrakech.


Lightening in Marrakech.


High Atlas Mountains, Morocco


High Atlas Mountains, Morocco


A Tagine (and a Fanta)


A goatherder and his climbing goats


High Atlas Mountains


A Kasbah in the Atlas


Fat legs Lorenzo, who has been on the road on his bicycle for 10 years. His last 2.5 years have been riding from Europe to South Africa and now back up the West, so he gave me some useful info. I carry less luggage than him (he isn't fully loaded in the picture).


A Dung Beetle (some ground has been cut out of the photo else the beetle was just a blob when the image was resized)


Tafnidilt, a campsite in Morocco


The real Tafnidilt


A beach on the road to Western Sahara


This ambulance passed me while I was answering a call of nature at the side of the road. 50k's later I caught up and met the Smith Family of the Plymouth to Dakar (well, this year Plymouth to Timbouktu) Rally.


Camping Les Bedouins, where I ate my first camel (not a whole one)




Camels on the way to Dakhla


The one on the left is winking at me


Shipwrecks in Nouadhibou, Mauritania


More shipwrecks


Kids in Nouadhibou


Sidi, our guide for the desert crossing. I'm not sure what he's doing with his right hand.


Sidi "Je suis un Nomad" on my bike.


CCM in the desert


Dusty Camel


Pelicans whilst riding the beach to Nouakchott, Mauritania.


Lut and Sari's Pajero (Shogun), who carried some of my luggage so I could take enough petrol for the desert and beach crossing from Nouhadibou to Nouakchott.


Sidi making mint tea


My bike on the beach to Nouakchott


The beach to Nouakchott


The beach to Nouakchott


Exhaust pipe melting my number plate


Lut and Sari -I couldn't have done the desert and beach crossing without them.

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