Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



Moto-cross Africa:

In September 2007 I am leaving England to ride my motorbike down through Europe and Africa all the way to the southern most point of South Africa...and then back up the other side. The journey will take me about a year and whilst circumnavigating Africa I will travel through more than 25 countries and ride over 25,000 miles.


I will travel unsupported, carrying my own clothes, tools & spares, petrol, water, food, cooking & camping equipment, camera equipment and medical equipment.

The journey will take a planned 45,000 kilometers (25,000 miles) through some of the roughest and most dangerous terrain on earth. I am likely to experience conditions from monsoon rains to sandstorms whilst crossing through jungles and deserts, including the Sahara and Kalahari, along the way.

This website will be updated with information on the journey and some of my preparations. I intend to upload photos, video-clips, schedules and information including details on the bikes, equipment and my progress. I am taking some camera equipment with me so that I can record the journey along the way.

KTM in Quarry

I have been talking about 'doing a trip around Africa' for over two years. About 18 months ago I finally started to seriously plan the trip.

In preparation for leaving in September I will be attending the UK's 'Horizons Unlimited' weekend in June ( In July I will be spending two weeks riding out to and then around the Pyrenees (and back). Finally, in mid September, I will start my journey from North Yorkshire and the adventure will begin...keep an eye on the 'On The Road' page for more details.

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