Moto-cross Africa  
England to South Africa .  
...and back. . .



About Chris:

My first bike was an Aprilia RS road bike, which I bought about five years ago after leaving school. It got stolen after about a year and I had gone back to being a student so I couldn't afford to replace it. When I started working again I got an offroad (motocross) bike; a 2-stroke KTM 200 SX.

Chris on KTM (Pre-accident)

In December 2005, in a quarry near Edinburgh, I came off the KTM. I broke five bones and had to have an operation to put pins in my arm to hold one of the bones back in place. I was off work for four months after the accident, so during this time I decided on a route and started seriously planning and researching the trip.

Below: My bikes; the Aprilia, KTM and now the CCM


Aprilia RS


KTM in Trailer


CCM 404E

I've done some 'overlanding' before; in 2003 I drove a 1992 Mitsubish Pajero (Shogun) from Oman to England, travelling though 20 countries in 15 days. I have been off-roading and camping in the Middle East and even spent a few summers living in a tent in Cornwall! Hopefully some of these experiences will make the trip less of a shock...

Wahiba Sands

Above: Camping on an off-road trip in Oman. The Pajero on the left is the one I drove back to the UK.

I've lived in the Middle East but only visited Africa once before. In summer 2005 I spent a month near Durban, South Africa, to help people affected by HIV/AIDS. We lived on a hill in an orphanage called 'Makaputu'. Not only did I get mugged in Africa, but we were also in an accident when our mini-bus (which didn't have seatbelts) hit a truck on the motorway. Hopefully my luck will be better when I return!

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